Bassrush comes correct with an onslaught of military-grade bottom-end and explosive energy that cannot be tamed.


Basscon rallies the hard dance troops and prepares to unload a barrage of merciless melodies.


A new faction rises from the shadows. A Bassrush ally emerges.

Osiris & Lynx

In 2022, two brand new stages enter the ring, emerging from the darkness to join their respective teams in preparation for what will be the biggest battle of BASS to take place in the history of Project Z — Osiris, powered by Basscon, and Lynx, powered by Bassrush. Which team will you join? The decision lies in your hands.

Beyond Wonderland SoCal
music cover
  • 1 Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo Nothing Better
  • 2 Cut Snake Party Tutorial
  • 3 Dombresky & Tony Romera Girls Night Out
  • 4 Rell the Soundbender x Rawtek Baja
  • 5 Kayoh Muse
  • 6 Dead Critic & Drop Dead Call Me
  • 7 SLANDER & Basstrick Drop It
  • 8 GRiZ Wicked (Megalodon Remix)
  • 9 Jayceeoh & Clips x Ahoy Dancin On My Wrist
  • 10 LA Riots House Philosophy
  • 11 Craig Williams Everybody
  • 12 ATICA Speed Up
  • 13 Sinden & Marc Spence WTF
  • 14 Born Dirty & Jaw & Cassius High